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I offer high end and very fastidious image retouching and creation that maintain a photographic look. Retouching must appear to be real, completely natural and transparent. The samples that you will see here are before/after (in that order) with the "after" showing no sign that work had been done. I have handled most subject matter ranging from cosmetics, architecture to automobiles. Added to this, is critical color, tonal corrections and conversion to CMYK suited for any type of reproduction such as magazines, newspapers, big ink jet used for banners, billboards and posters.

My extensive background in pre-press, image art work and the graphic arts in general which includes the pressroom, allows me to understand your needs, spot and solve potential problems before they become problems and keep you inside your budget. I provide the highest level of professionalism that you are looking for and that you deserve.

Keep in mind that in these economic times. we’re all doing more to help each other out. Because my needs are more focused on using my time and extensive experience productively, and my schedule is flexible, I can offer superior image artists services at an unbeatable combination of value and quality.

All Photography and Image Art by Arnold Kirschner. All rights reserved.

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All of my original images are available for licensed commercial use. I will provide you with ready-to-go CMYK files for any use you require. I also provide images in the RGB color space.