At the age of eight while at Camp Ramapo after taking my first photographs with
an Ansco and developing the film, the time came to make that first print. There it was, in my tray becoming visible on the surface of that wet paper, a piece of time. It was magic. A scene, a story, a moment that belonged to me. Everyday I am that eight year old, filled with the magic of capturing that moment of time and sharing it with the hope that you will enjoy seeing it. I decided then, that is what I want to do. arniepix2

Following that path, I have a long career in graphic arts as a traditional and computer image artist and has held senior and departmental head positions in the imagery departments of some of New York's leading graphic firms. As one of the first users of the Scitex computer system for image manipulation and page assembly in the United States long before the MAC and Photoshop has enabled me to fine tune my craft. I also helped found the Scitex Graphic Arts Users Association. This group broke new ground and set the rules for the then emerging computerized graphic arts field. Having worked with photographers for over 20 years helping them achieve their photographic vision, and to satisfy their clients has expanded my creative sensibilities and range immeasurably and continues to this day. As senior image artist at LaPlaca Cohen Advertising I was responsible for photography, original art creation, retouching and the creation of files for high quality reproduction in the various mediums that the agency is known for. My own photography and original images have been shown at galleries in New York and Los Angeles. I have given presentations and lectures out west and presently in the New York area on such topics as color, art in photography to name but two.

My mother has told everyone she could that her son creates some of the greatest photographs ever made and I have never disagreed with my mom who was a woman of obvious good taste.

All Photography and Image Art by Arnold Kirschner. All rights reserved.

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